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Tooth Removal (Extraction) in Hyderabad

At Gnathos Dental Clinic

Tooth extraction in Hyderabad: Let us have a look at the most common questions that pop up in the minds of people regarding tooth removal or single tooth extraction. The first and foremost question is “What is the cost of a tooth removal. If they are residing in and around Hyderabad, many people come and ask us – “doctor, how much does it cost to remove a tooth in Hyderabad?” or simply “Tooth Extraction Cost in Hyderabad”. Let us, first try to understand the factors and parameters that are crucial while deciding on the cost of tooth extraction in Hyderabad.

What factors determine the cost of Tooth extraction in Hyderabad?

It all depends on the nature of the damage or the severity of the problem. If a tooth is visible, its extraction is simple and the cost involved in the procedure is comparatively lower than other types of extractions. A tooth that is broken impacted or below the surface of the gums may require a more involved procedure.

The Condition of the tooth

The extraction of an infected tooth, excessively decayed tooth and impacted tooth, and a tooth stuck in between crowded teeth requires detailed and extensive procedures. This is the major factor that determines the cost of tooth removal (extraction) in Hyderabad. People who require braces may need their one or two teeth removed to leave space for their misaligned teeth as teeth shift their place during the treatment. In these cases also, the cost factor remains associated with the extent of crookedness and misalignment of teeth.

Why Gnathos Dental Clinic for Tooth Extraction in Hyderabad?

Gnathos Dental Clinic is a hospital-based dental unit that offers all dental services to high-risk patients such as those undergoing chemotherapy or organ transplant if they have diseased and compromised teeth. They may be advised by their doctor to get their compromised teeth removed in order to ensure that their mouth remains healthy during the treatment. If they get their tooth removal procedure done at a multispecialty hospital-based clinic, they are risk-free. Therefore, it will be better for them to get their dental extractions done at a multispecialty hospital-based dental clinic.

Impacted Tooth removal Cost in Hyderabad

The removal of an impacted tooth whether it is a single wisdom tooth or any other tooth is significantly higher because the procedures involved with it are quite extensive depending on the complexity of impaction. In other words, the Cost of Wisdom Tooth Removal in Hyderabad, if it is impacted, is 3 to 4 times higher than the normal tooth extraction. In addition, the other factors that can augment the cost include the type of procedure and the facilities available in the dental clinic, and also on the experience and expertise of the dental or oral surgeon. The cost is at a higher end in a premium dental clinic.

Bottom Line

Gnathos Dental Clinic understands the concerns of common people pertaining to the costs involved with dental procedures. Therefore, Gnathos provides cost-effective and affordable dental procedures for all people who require dental treatment in general and people who are in need of tooth extraction in Hyderabad in particular.

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