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Flap Surgery in Hyderabad | Laser Assisted Flap Surgery

Periodontal flap surgery in Hyderabad or Gum Surgery at Gnathos Dental Clinic

Our periodontists recommend gum surgery or periodontal flap surgery to treat chronic gingivitis or periodontitis. Gum surgery is the gold standard treatment for addressing the severe periodontal disease.

The aim and objectives of periodontal gum surgery are to

  • Comprehensively eliminate bacterial infections
  • Treat gum disease and prevent recession of gum line
  • Prevent bone loss
  • Control the loss of bone
  • Regrow damaged tissues, gums, and bones
  • Prevent tooth loss
  • Reduce the gum gaps (black triangles) between teeth
  • Cut and remove diseases jaw bone
  • Reshape the jawbone between the teeth
  • Lower the risk for bacterial growth in the bone crevices

 Flap surgery dental indications

Gingivitis causes swelling, redness, and bleeding in the gums. Poor oral hygiene, formation of tartar, and plaque build-up cause gingivitis. Initially, it is a mild condition but can progressively become troublesome. However, professional dental treatment can reverse the condition.

Unaddressed and untreated gingivitis takes a severe form and the condition advances and gets progressively damaging. Gingivitis when takes the form of periodontitis, destroys tissues and bones between the teeth. Periodontitis is a severe bacterial infection of the gums that causes an inflammatory response.

Inflammation and progressive deterioration of gumline and tissues lead to gum separation and gaps between teeth. Pockets (spaces) develop and trap more and more bacteria eventually leading to severe gum infections resulting in loss of teeth.

Periodontal flap surgery before and after

The type of surgery a dental surgeon or periodontist performs may depend on the severity of the dental infection and the extent of the damage. The dental surgeon performs a deep-cleaning procedure called deep scaling before flap surgery to remove bacterial pockets and tartar from the gums and teeth. To smoothen the surfaces of the roots of the teeth, the surgeon also performs another procedure called root planing. These two procedures prior to flap surgery leave behind very few places for bacteria and tartar to build up – which are then taken care of during flap surgery.

Flap surgery in Hyderabad

Flap surgery is especially helpful for people who have tartar deposits in deep pockets. The procedure involves lifting the gums off of the teeth to remove tartar build-up.

In this procedure, a dental surgeon (a periodontist at Gnathos Dental Clinic) makes incisions in the infected gums, lifts the gums off, and then removes tartar build-up from underneath. After extensive removal of infected and damaged areas, bone, and tartar and cleaning of the area the surgeon stitches the gums by placing and fitting them around teeth. The surgeon cuts and reshapes the jaw bone in between the teeth. In severe bone loss cases, bone grafting is done.

Laser-assisted flap surgery

LASER: Light amplification by Stimulated emission of radiation is an effective and safe procedure for the treatment of periodontal gum disease. A periodontist who is trained in using laser for dental surgery performs this procedure at Gnathos Dental Clinic. Periodontists use a laser to perform multiple tasks during oral flap surgery – such as killing germs (bacteria), coagulating blood vessels, cutting and removing diseased tissues, and sterilizing the area.

The Laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP) is the best procedure to treat gum disease.

Periodontal flap surgery success rate

Laser gum surgery doesn’t involve cutting or scalpel use, but effectively removes bacteria and tartar. It helps in augmenting the appearance and health of teeth by eliminating gum disease. Laser surgery also eliminates the requirement for stitches and decreases post-operative pain, complications, and bleeding.

What is the cost of flap surgery in Hyderabad?

Flap surgery dental cost: The cost of flap surgery in Hyderabad ranges anywhere between Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 55,000. However, the cost may vary depending on the extent of damage and severity of the condition, state of teeth, the expertise of the dental surgeon or periodontist, and other associated conditions.

What is the cost of laser flap surgery in Hyderabad?

Laser flap surgery cost in Hyderabad: It is almost twice the cost of regular open flap surgery.






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