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Do You Know These 05 Common Tooth Problems

Most common dental problems

Oral care is as important as heart care or kidney care because dental diseases can affect your overall health. There are many types of dental health issues, but the following types are the most common ones:

Most common dental problems


Toothache sometimes proves very problematic as it can give you nightmares. It can come on suddenly or due to oversensitive teeth or gum disease or injury. If you have toothache associated with swelling, red, swollen gums, bleeding, pus around the teeth, and fever. It could be a sign of serious tooth infection and abscess. See your dentist as early as possible.

Stained Teeth

Your teeth can get stained and your clothes. Tea, coffee, beverages, smoking, alcohol consumption, tobacco use, certain types of foods, injury, trauma, and some medications can stain your teeth. Unhealthy eating habits and poor dental and oral hygiene can discolor your teeth.


You have a very strong shield as a natural protective crown on your teeth. It is a hard bony structure or outer shell. However, if you don’t take care of your teeth small holes develop or form on your teeth. Bacteria grow and form plaque (tar and calcium deposits). This plaque slowly destroys enamel.

Chipped Tooth

This is the number one and most common type of dental injury mostly due to accidents. In a majority of cases, falls or accidents can cause this type of condition. You can visit Gnathos Dental Clinic and ask your dentist for the appropriate treatment. Our expert dentist will recommend a dental crown or chipped tooth makeover with a strong resin material. In some cases of damage extending to the pulp of the tooth, the recommended treatment is a root canal followed by a veneer or crown.

Impacted Teeth

Wisdom teeth don’t come properly and cause problems associated with some disturbing symptoms. This is known as tooth impaction. It mostly happens when a tooth gets stuck in the soft tissue, bone, or against another tooth. If you don’t have any issues, your dentist will not disturb it and leave it as it is. However, a severely troubling and painful wisdom tooth requires treatment. At Gnathos Dental Clinic, our expert oral surgeon removes it with a painless wisdom tooth removal procedure.

Bottom Line

Children mostly suffer from dental health issues and adults can also have these most common dental problems – such as tooth decay, impacted teeth, overcrowding, sensitive teeth, loose teeth, stained teeth, wisdom teeth problems, and clenching or grinding teeth (Bruxism). To protect your teeth from undue factors such as your food habits, poor oral hygiene, and medication use – floss daily, limit snacks, brush daily with fluoride toothpaste and fix regular dental appointments with your family dentist. Ask your dentist if you could benefit from any special or specific protective dental treatment.



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