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Aligners in Hyderabad at Gnathos Dental Clinic

Best Teeth Aligners in Hyderabad | Dental Aligners in Hyderabad

You might have seen in your teen years many teens of your age had braces. Maybe you too had them. What if many adults didn’t have braces as a teen though their teeth had become misaligned?

If people don’t want metal braces in their mouths – what is the option for them?

Obviously, Clear Aligners are an alternative option that will turn misaligned and crooked teeth straight and help improve your smile.

Clear Aligners in Hyderabad

Traditional braces use wires with brackets that help teeth move in the desired direction. Clear aligners are custom-made, tight-fitting aligners that slip over the teeth. Dentists use a series of such aligners to correct teeth. The largest producer of clear aligners is Invisalign, but it’s not the only brand. The other brands of aligners include toothsi, Smart Moves, Inman Aligners, and Clear Correct. Your dentist fixes a new aligner every few weeks to help move your teeth in the desired position.

 Aligners Hygiene

In terms of good oral and dental hygiene, aligners have advantages over braces. Clear aligners are prone to collecting bacteria and dust particles. You must take care to keep them clean. Moreover, you have to wear them as per the recommended hours daily. If you fail to do so, the treatment time may extend unnecessarily. You don’t have to do a lot of special care – what you need is to brush twice daily and floss after every meal. In addition, keep your tongue clean. When you see your orthodontist for follow-up care, make sure that you meet your dentist for oral hygiene and care as well.

Aligners Cost in Hyderabad

Teeth Aligners Costs in Hyderabad differ mostly based on the type and brand of aligners.

Toothsi Aligners in Hyderabad

Aligners from this brand are good. They are painless, removable, transparent, and comfortable. They can address all types of teeth alignment issues. Toothsi offers “direct to home” service all over India.

Many people avail their home-based services, sitting comfortably at home. But how far it is good, you have to decide! Because teeth alignment is a medical procedure you must need the help of an orthodontist.

 Aligners Dentist in Hyderabad – Why do you need an Orthodontist?

Teeth alignment using clear aligners seems to be pretty simple, easy, and attractive – but anyway it is a medical procedure. You must need the support of an expert orthodontist that begins right from the first phase of the treatment till the end. This is a must to analyze your condition properly and then begin the treatment process for exceptional outcomes.

Toothsi Aligners price in Hyderabad

Toothsi is India’s largest Clear Aligner brand. They are comfortable and precise.

Toothsi aligners price differ in different cities of India. The company has divided costing into two segments – Toothsi Easy and Toothsi Prime. The cost of Toothsi Aligners in Hyderabad starts from Rs. 55000 for Toothsi Easy. The price may go up with EMI options starting from Rs. 5000 and more per month. The cost of Toothse Prime start from Rs. 70000 and may go up with EMI starting from Rs. 6000 per month. Anyway, clear aligners’ costs may vary depending on the complexity of the dental issue.

Aligners for teeth Costs in India differ widely across cities. It mostly depends on the brand, the extent of misalignment or crookedness of the teeth, and the duration of treatment.

Advantages of Aligners

Clear aligners are quite beneficial compared to metal braces. The first benefit is that they can be easily removed for flossing, brushing, and cleaning. In addition, there is no risk of food getting stuck as with metal braces.

With aligners, you may require fewer repairs and emergency visits to the orthodontist as they don’t have wires and brackets that loosen. They are invisible as well – which means, people won’t be able to see them.

In a nutshell, clear aligners are modern, invisible, comfortable, beautiful, works fast, certain and uninhibited.

It depends on the time your teeth may take to rotate or move. However, the usual treatment time is between 10 to 24 months. The treatment time with invisible clear aligners may be longer if your teeth are more crooked or your bite is more off.

Aligners in Hyderabad

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