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Zirconia (Zirconium) Crowns in Hyderabad at Gnathos Dental Clinic

Zirconia Crown in Hyderabad | Cost, Procedure & Durability | Gnathos Dental Clinic

Zirconium crowns: Your tooth looks good as long as it is natural, but dental fractures, broken teeth, severely decayed teeth, and badly discolored teeth badly affect its natural form. Therefore, to restore a badly affected tooth, the most popular choice is a dental crown. It covers every defect of your tooth. Dentists employ corrective dental procedures and fix dental crowns. Material used for making dental crowns are of different types – such as ceramics, resins, porcelain, and metals. Nowadays, zirconia crowns have become very popular due to several benefits they offer.

What factors affect your teeth’s health?

Your teeth also get subjected to daily wear and tear strain and pressure and thus succumb to these factors and break. In many cases, the natural aging process, injuries, and tooth decay are the major factors that cause damage to your teeth. Trying too hard to bite hard objects; putting excessive force on teeth while chewing hard foods; cross biting and grinding or clenching may cause damage to your teeth. When this happens, your teeth may reduce in size or shape or lose their natural shape or size.

Why You Need Zirconia Crown?

A zirconia Crown may help restore the look and feel of your damaged tooth in perfect condition. No crown is a substitute for your natural tooth. None can bring back the natural health of your tooth. However, zirconia crowns can help prevent further decay and damage to the affected tooth and preserve its appearance. The Dentists at Gnathos Dental Clinic recommend a zirconia dental crown to fix the following common dental issues:

  • Restoration of worn-down and broken tooth
  • Prevention of fractures on weak teeth
  • Preventing fractures on a weak tooth
  • Improvement in the look of your smile
  • Improvement of your bite
  • Capping discolored or misshapen teeth
  • Capping large fillings and root canals
  • Fixing a badly shaped tooth

Zirconia Crowns How Long Do They Last?

Zirconium [Zirconia (zirconium oxide)] is a much better material for restorative dental treatments. When compared to some metal alloys and other metal crowns – it is much stronger. It doesn’t give sharp edges due to natural wear and tear as happens with other porcelain and metal alloy-based crowns. With zirconium crowns, the stress, strain, or damage is insignificant when compared to porcelain crowns.  Crowns made from porcelain, metals, and alloys rub against the opposing dental pieces and cause enamel erosion. Our dentists, therefore, recommend zirconia crowns.

Zirconia crowns are far better than any other type of crown in terms of strength, stiffness, and split resistance. These properties help prevent the chipping and cracking of surrounding teeth and the tooth underneath the zirconia crown. In addition, exceptional shielding capacity helps in maintaining smile integrity even with higher loads. With proper care and oral hygiene, zirconia crowns can last for around seven to 15 years.

Some bad practices reduce or compromise the durability and life expectancy of zirconia crowns. For example, grinding teeth, bad oral hygiene, biting nails, opening cans with teeth, and chewing ice.

Zirconia crown cost in Hyderabad

Zirconium crown Cost in Hyderabad can range anywhere from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 20000. Cost variations can be due to several factors including the type and brand of the crown. If you are looking for an affordable longer-lasting, high-strength, and split-resistant zirconia crown in Hyderabad, fix an appointment at Gnathos Dental Clinic or call Us: 9955 708 885

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