Zirconia Teeth: Benefits and Advantages Over Traditional Materials

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Zirconia Teeth: Benefits and Advantages Over Traditional Materials

Confused about choosing the right material for your dental crown?

Looking for a material that promises greater longevity and offers superior functionality and aesthetics? 

Search no further. In this blog, we introduce you to a material that is currently creating waves in the dental arena for its exceptional strength and aesthetics.

People with cracked or badly worn-out teeth usually choose commonly used materials like porcelain or metal. However, dental research has introduced better alternatives in recent years that are more durable and offer the same or better aesthetics and strength than these traditional materials.

Here, we introduce you to zirconia and its amazing properties and benefits, which make it a popular choice among dentists and patients everywhere.

An Introduction To Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia natural appearance

Though not as well known yet as other traditional materials, such as gold or porcelain, zirconia is fast becoming a widely popular choice for use in dental restorations.

What makes zirconia crowns so special? Let us explore further.

Zirconia dental crowns are made from a material called zirconium dioxide, known for its superior strength and durability. Monolithic zirconia has incredible strength due to its tetragonal crystalline properties, making it hard to crack and giving it greater longevity than other materials. Moreover, it’s white colouring makes it a perfect match for your existing teeth.

Zirconia Crowns

Advantages of Zirconia Over Other Materials

We will now explore in detail why Zirconia crowns stand tall over other materials like porcelain. PFM, or ceramic.

Comparing Zirconia with PFM crowns

  • For those with allergic reactions to PFM crowns due to its metal composition, zirconia is a suitable choice owing to its biocompatibility.
  • Zironcia offers better aesthetics than PFM crowns, as PFM crowns have a metal substructure that may remain slightly visible even after being layered with porcelain.
  • Zirconia offers better soft tissue response than PFM that are known to cause soft tissue irritation in some patients

Comparing Zirconia with Ceramic crowns

  • Zirconia crowns are more durable than ceramic crowns and can withstand high pressures. They are suitable for people with habits like teeth grinding.
  • With zirconia, there is no fear of discolouration, and it is more resistant to staining.

Comparing Zirconia with metal crowns

  • For people with sensitivity to metal and prone to allergic reactions, zirconia is a more suitable choice as it is fully biocompatible
  • In terms of looks, zirconia have an edge over metal crowns as they look like natural teeth and blend with them easily

3 Unique Reasons That Make Zirconia Crowns Superior To Other Materials 

Though zirconia crowns are more expensive compared to crowns made from other materials, their advantages make them a more popular choice than ceramic, PFM, and other crowns. In addition to being biocompatible and more durable, zirconia crowns offer features that other materials lack. We will now examine the unique qualities that set these crowns apart:

  1. High-precision fits
    Zirconia crowns are fabricated using computer-aided design and manufacturing technology, ensuring perfectly customized fits without gaps and inaccuracies. In addition to greater comfort and performance, zirconia crowns offer better aesthetics with their high translucency. The advanced milling machines and sintering ovens used to make zirconia crowns help manufacturers ensure precise shaping and sizing.
  2. Superior alignment and aesthetics
    Advanced technology enables dentists to simulate the patient’s bite and occlusion digitally, ensuring proper alignment and function of zirconia crowns. Modern digital shade-matching technologies enable dentists to develop zirconia crowns that match the patient’s natural teeth in terms of translucency and colour. Unlike other dental materials, zirconia retains its natural appearance over time and helps you avoid frequent replacement or maintenance.
  3. Maximum tooth preservation 

    Another feature that makes zirconia crowns superior is the minimal tooth preparation they need compared to other crowns. Lesser removal of enamel is needed, allowing dentists greater preservation of the natural tooth structure. Such an approach helps them to maintain the overall tooth’s integrity and strength.


The above unique advantages and features make zirconia crowns the most sought-after material for dental crowns. Moreover, the superior treatment outcomes they offer contribute to increased patient satisfaction.

At Gnathos Dental, the best dental hospital in Hyderabad, our orthodontists use their years of experience and specialized knowledge to deliver the best outcomes for zirconia crown treatments. With high-quality CAD/CAM designs, they ensure the crowns match your existing teeth and are aesthetically pleasing.   

For more information about the amazing zirconia crowns and the benefits you will receive, come for a consultation with our experts, who will suggest the best options based on your preferences, budget, and current oral health.

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